Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Into the ruck

Glad to see the ridiculous offence-taking by some was ignored by the SRU when they played The Hokey Cokey over the PA system at Murrayfield at half time during the Magners League match between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Sadly Glasgow got a doing and went down 39-6. Hey ho.

My brother-in-law (a thoughtful man with no particular axe to grind) and I had a chat about the ethnic mix of Scottish rugby. It was noteworthy that in both teams there were a couple of players with Italian surnames as would reflect Italian immigration to Scotland in the last century and the current demographic of Scotland. It's taken a couple of generations but no-one thinks twice about a de Luca or a de Rollo. My lads play cricket, hockey and rugby at very junior levels and whilst there are plenty of Lucas, Antonios and Marcos at each, it is only in the cricket that one gets more than the odd Uweis or Farhaz.

I suspect integration will only have taken place at any meaningful level when tweed- and Barbour-clad men with thinning hair are shouting "Get right into him, Hussein" at Murrayfield and Old Anniesland.

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Blogger Martin said...

Well said.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

One might add for the sake of clarity that this integration for the 'South Asian' 'Community' does not require any SRU/Scottish Executive incentive for 'inclusiveness'

1:09 PM  

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