Sunday, November 09, 2008

Remembrance Part 2

Remembrance, especially at the Cenotaph, commemorates the numberless men and women who served, suffered and died. I give you the story of one of my father's comrades in the Long Range Desert Group, Kenneth Smith, GC.

On the night of 10 January 1945, on the Island of Ist in the Adriatic (off the coast of Yugoslavia), Signalman Smith was a member of a patrol of the Long Range Desert Group, which was attacked by saboteurs, who laid time-bombs in the vital houses of the Island. After hearing some shots, Signalman Smith entered the Wireless Room and found one such bomb on the table. Realising that there were a number of partisans in the room and young children elsewhere in the house, Signalman Smith immediately picked up the bomb, which was ticking. He intended to move it to a place of safety behind a nearby wall, but he had only gone a few yards outside the house when the bomb exploded and he was blown to pieces. There is no doubt that Signalman Smith's action certainly saved the lives of many of his comrades, partisans and civilians, and that he showed superb courage and complete disregard for personal safety in lifting a time-bomb which was already ticking when he knew that it might explode at any minute.

My father and his comrades buried what was left of him.

May his soul and the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace.

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I am researching Ken Smith and his patrol mates on Ist and would very much like to make contact with you. How best can I do this 'off line'


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