Saturday, November 08, 2008

Remembrance Part 1

The Good Doctor Ches has a moving piece - the final letter of a brave man, wrongly executed for cowardice:

3 December 1914

Dearest beloved,

I write to you today in great distress, and if God and the Holy Virgin do not help me, it will be for the last time. I am so distressed and overwhelmed that I cannot find the words to say all I would like to say to you, and I see that when you read these lines you will suffer for my sake, you my friend who are so dear to me. Forgive me for everything you will suffer because of me. I would completely despair if I did not have my faith and religion to sustain me in this terrible moment.

The rest is HERE.

We who have lived in the aftermath of the suffering of others and under the protection of brave, sometimes rough men who stand ready in the night and would visit violence on those who would harm us, have a duty to honour those whose suffering we will never share and who protect us with their lives.

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