Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Frankie Boyle - foul-mouthed hypocrite (oh, and by the way, you're paying him)

I assume Frankie Boyle gets paid handsomely by the BBC for his spots on Mock The Week. If you pay the licence fee (and yes, I know I don't need to watch telly) you pay him. Therefore I pay him, just as I pay Jonathan Ross. The thing is I believe the BBC (Civilisation, The Ascent of Man, The Proms, QI, Choral Evensong, The Shipping Forecast, Little Dorritt, Dad's Army) is, in general A Good Thing. But I'm having my doubts, as you might be aware. Charles Moore is relentless in chasing the issue of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross and their foul-mouthed, disgusting and possibly criminal harassment of Andrew Sachs. He also points out the fact that Frankie Boyle got away with making jokes about the Queen's vagina (yes, you did read that correctly. He made the joke on public-broadcast, primetime BBC One. Senior editors will have approved it.)

Boyle, however, so edgy , daring and brimming with cheeky nonchalance [those are euphemisms for distasteful, foul-mouthed and spiteful] on many things, has his limits. He's happy to make jokes about the disabled, paedophilia, rape and terrorism according to the article in The Telegraph. But he does draw the line:

...Boyle himself is censorious of certain fellow comedians. "There's still a lot of racism in stand-up," he says, "but they [the comics] don't seem to recognise it. They just think they're doing a 'funny' Spanish accent or a 'funny' Chinese face. I find it offensive that these people haven't grown up or educated themselves. I have pointed it out to them at times."

Oh, come, come, Frankie why so coy? A man happy to make jokes about the rape of children gets all uppity about race. I hate racism, but this shibboleth is supposed to put Boyle among the ranks of the righteous? "I find it offensive"

Do me a favour.

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Anonymous ukok said...

I used to like 'Whose Line is it Anyway' and i think Mock the Week has a similar inprovisational thread running through it which can either mesmerise us with the standups quick wittedness or infuriate the heck out of us.

I watch so little TV these days that i wonder whether i should bother paying the licence fee. I tend to watch dvds and videos and invest in box sets of series that we will watch over and over again.

7:27 PM  

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