Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'Fr Martin' is a bully and a coward

I am not given to calling priests names. I have immense respect for all the priests I know and pray for them daily. My mother and father taught me to respect priests, even when I might disagree with them on a particular point. I do not, unless I know a priest well as a friend, refer to them by their first names, but will always call them 'Father'. They are anointed by God to the task they have which is one of unimaginable heroic charity and sanctity.

My parents also taught me to stand up to bullies which I have done since I was a schoolboy and have had to do professionally when bullied as a middle grade doctor. Justice and the respect I owe to my parents' memory will not allow me to stand idly by and watch others bullied.

The chaps at Orthfully Catholic posted a fairly innocuous piece about how priests might be faithful to God's word in preaching the Faith fearlessly. 'Fr Martin' who appears to be a lone attack-dog for the 'Magic Circle' of Sandalista bishops (even if he is acting on his own impetus) waded in with this heavy-handed piece of cyber-thuggery:

Until you are ordained then please do not assume to offer advice to priests.

The advice I will offer you is if you wish to be ordained then I suggest that you refrain from such patronising comments. You are lucky that I do not know which Seminary that you attend, as if I did I would be expressing my concerns to your Rector.

[Emphasis mine]

He's a busy chap is 'Fr Martin'. Rather than spending his hours in prayer, or preaching at the crossroads, or bringing the sacraments to the sick and housebound, 'Fr Martin' is at his PC heaping calumny on his brother priests over at Holy Smoke. He may or may not be the same 'Fr Martin' who disapproves of priests attending LMS conferences and expressing his disapproval in the comment boxes, though he retreats from adverse comments like a rat up a drainpipe.

'Fr Martin' is a coward, a bully and pompous demagogue. In the light of the documents of the Second Vatican Council it is my unpleasant duty as a concerned member of the lay faithful to tell him that his behaviour is scandalous.

Pray for him.

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Yes stand up to them!

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