Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quimper Cathedral - Should I be tell them or will you?

On holiday we had a lovely trip to Quimper (lots of nice, eccentric streets to amble along, gravity-defying medieval buildings, crepes and cider - you get the picture). One of the highlights was the excellent Cathedral of St Corentin.

The boys really enjoyed the sheer scale of it and the mix of styles, though the wrecovated sanctuary is a typical Gallic mess worthy of a rocket-propelled grenade and appalled even the decidedly non-religious Mrs P. Weekday Mass is celebrated at the old high altar on an inadequate fake Louis XIV table that wouldn't look out of place in the props for'Allo 'Allo!

Down one set of side altars there is an exhibition of Religious Dress of the Past. I think the good bishop of Quimper is in for a shock. For a start your Lordship, you will be needing those vestments very soon, I would have thought, which will give you chance to ditch the horse blankets.

Also, your Lordship when you do start using them, do put the stoles under the chasubles etc rather than over them.

Finally, your Lordship, there are plenty of priests who wear such religious dress, today. The Holy Father rather prefers it to, say, a pair of light slacks and a polo shirt.

Finally, if you can't think of anything better than an exhibition for these vestments (hey -how about using them for the liturgy?) why not pass them on to someone who will use them. I'm sure there are plenty of parish priests with enough French to write to the eveque to see if he wants to offload these vestments to those who will gladly use them.

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Blogger Londiniensis said...

Listen, I will say this only once: "Lisez le Motu proprio".

11:00 AM  
Blogger Fr Ray Blake said...

Paulinus, have them sent to me!

8:42 PM  

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