Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marriage Works #943

This from Laban's blog. A throwaway comment from a social worker on a programme on Radio 4 (Bringing Up Britain):

"I can't remember when we last took a child into care whose parents are married."

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Blogger MaggieClitheroe said...

Hrrmph, but they don't want to give them to "happily married" couples like me and my husband, when it comes to adoption!!! - that would be "discriminating" against those who live together, who are in "same sex" relationships, etc. etc....(We've recently withdrawn from the whole process after 6 years of waiting, and being constantly turned down, due to being (and I quote) "too nice", "homeschoolers," and (God forbid) "too Catholic".

8:54 AM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

I'm coming round to the cynical view that they'd rather have them in care than cared for by a loving family.

Children sacrificed on the altar of ideology. Moloch - god of the politically correct.

4:48 PM  

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