Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cormac Delusion

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor thinks we should all be jolly nice to atheists. No, he goes further in the latest of a pretty distastrous series of Cardinal's Lectures - he thinks we should accord them deep esteem.Did he really expect the likes of Dawkins to be all nicey-nicey in return?

Referring to God as an "imaginary friend", Mr Dawkins said: "When talking to a politician you would demand proof for what they say, but suddenly when talking to a clergyman you don't have to provide evidence.

"There's absolutely no reason to take seriously someone who says, 'I believe it because I believe it.'

"God either exists or he doesn't. It's a matter of the truth."

Personally, I'm with Martin Kelly on this one

With the greatest respect to His Eminence, one knows that must love one's neighbour as oneself, turn the other cheek and all that - but I have yet to encounter an atheist who hasn't told me they're an atheist within five minutes of first introductions.

Atheists seem profoundly insecure in their lack of belief - and while I respect their persons and right to be wrong if they so wish, I do not, should not, actually must not respect views which put Man at the centre of the universe, and which hails him as the fount of creativity. That's just guff - like, show me the chimp that's written an opera.

I hope the Holy Father is listening.

It can't be too long, now, surely, until the 'phone rings in Archbishop's House and a new challenge beckons for His Eminence?

Taxi for Cormac!

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