Sunday, April 27, 2008

Speccie this week

Two articles of Catholic interest in The Spectator this week.

First up, Jack Velero, of Opus Dei exposes the craven, arrogant BBC for its portrayal of the prelature in drama.

It all started when the BBC televised a drama called Waking the Dead. It featured a self-flagellating Opus Dei assassin called Philip who kills his lover, a serial adulterer who also belongs to Opus Dei. The detectives investigate, suspecting (bravo!) Opus Dei as the link. Fraud is uncovered. The oleaginous, sanctimonious, corrupt London director of Opus Dei (who at least didn’t look like me!) stays mute when the detectives reel off as facts a list of Opus Dei ‘crimes’, not least the death of Calvi. And he expels Philip from Opus Dei, not for being a killer, but for the unpardonable sin of being found out.

Know of any other secretive religious groups who DO go around killing their fellow citizens? Don't expect anything other than kidgloves from the BBC in that quarter. I am astounded by how offhand the BBC can be in its complaints procedure. That's OUR money you're using to pump out anti-Catholic propaganda, you know (and not just from the Licence Fee - from general taxation, too)

Meanwhile Taki praises the Holy Father for his visit to New York in, ahem, purple prose:

It goes to show that faith is far from dead, at least in this country, and the Pope’s beautiful countenance, the peace and hope he projected, rallied us all, no matter what the faith.

Hear! Hear!

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Blogger Red Maria said...

Par for the BBC course, I'm afraid. Mind you, I don't think it can ever stoop to quite the same gutter level of anti-Catholicism as it did in 2003 with the notorious Sex and the Holy City Panorama, how ever hard it tries.

2:23 PM  

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