Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rhubarbville and Borders

Sorry for the hiatus, chaps. Busy, busy, busy at work followed by a week en famille.

First off to see my sister in Wakefield (centre of the Great Rhubarb Triangle, I found out thanks to Big Sis). The parish there, St Austin's, is lovely and lively. There is the solid demographic of most Catholic parishes in the North of England - largely descendents of the Irish, Italian and Polish diasporas - but now with an admixture from other cultures who find their home in the parish. There is an extraordianry number of young people - teenagers and people in their twenties (most of them from the settled population rather than the new immigrants) which bodes well for the future. Can it be that they are attracted by the liturgy celebrated well by good priests? The choir is excellent and the Mass we heard had a mixture of plainsong, beautiful English settings and even a bit of Mozart thrown in. The hymns were solid, traditional, singable.

I have always found St Austin's very beautiful. I was amazed to see how the sanctuary has changed, though. I had thought the renovation done fairly tastefully but changed my mind when I saw what had been before. Where did all that stuff go?

After this, a week in the Scottish Borders in the familiar, near-Carthusian isolation of the in-laws' cottage. Nice to have peace and quiet and boys making bows and arrows, fishing in the burn and playing outside all day. Lots of good walks in the country round about.

I hope Mrs P's dad was pleased with my woodchopping - that's about a year's worth stacked up.

Mr Moley

Little lamb -Who made thee?

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