Tuesday, March 25, 2008

General Musings

Just a few things to comment on in general. The Clunking Fist of Brown is behind the current fudging about the Creation of Monsters and General Flouting of the Moral Law Bill Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. What does he not get about conscience? If something is wrong, it's wrong and all the three line whips in the world will not make it right. Then there was the nonsense about the vote with Brown implying that there could be a free vote if the numbers were such that the Government would win.


[Sorry about the shouting]

Meanwhile, the National Union of Leather-patched, Cord-jacketed, Goatee-bearded, Sandal-wearing Left-wing Tinfoil-Hat-Wearers Teachers reckons that pampered kids make unruly pupils. No shit, Sherlock. Personally I blame these noisome objects:

Oh and while we're on the subject of nature vs nurture what do you think we might be turning out as a nation if we don't give children a grounding in the culture and religion that made the country they live in? If you teach kids that their own culture is useless, their own history not worth knowing, their own people a shameful blot on Mother Earth, what kind of adults do you think you'll produce? Add in to the mix an implicit injunction to underage, pre-marital sex with the constant thought that if only the Government would give out more condoms, everything would be OK, let's just see where this social experiment takes us, shall we?

Of course those in power, the 'liberal elite' - though they don't merit any definition of 'liberal' I know, nor given their mediocrity (Milliband as Foreign Secretary, for crying out loud!) do they warrant the title 'elite' - think that Year Zero was 1968. Jimi Hendrix, Martin Luther King, Soixante-Huitards in Paris, Storming the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square and all that jazz. The BBC can barely contain its excitement at the 40th anniversary.

Charles Moore has a timely reminder that 1968 also marked two prescient, counter-cultural insights. Enoch Powell, whatever his faults (and as a Catholic I find racialism repugnant, if indeed he was a racialist, which he denied), seems eerily close to what happened and is happening to our country under Islamist threat.

I was amazed to find that Powell was a Professor of Greek at Sydney University at the age of 25 and had the singular achievement of being the only man in the British Army in World War Two to rise from the rank of private soldier to brigadier by the close of the war. In his 'Rivers of Blood' speech this line sent a chill through me:

It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

I live about four miles from where this Islamist nutter decided to immolate himself and hoped to take out as many of his fellow citizens as possible.

Moore also has Pope Paul VI as a strange bedfellow with the Ulster Unionist member for South Down. Again, a prophet abused by our elite, yet oddly prescient, according to Moore:

Governments, said Paul VI, would use population control as a substitute for pursuing just economic and social policies. They would coerce people into limiting the size of their families, forgetting that "The family is the primary unit in the state". They would succumb to "an utterly materialistic conception of man". And science and technology would be abused. "The power of man over his own body" would become so absolute that he would neglect his duty to the sacredness of life.

Rant over.

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