Sunday, March 30, 2008

Family Friendly Government

Believe me when I say I am sympathetic to the plight of the single parent in that some of my nearest and dearest have been in such a plight through no fault of their own. However, when our dear Government runs a campaign extolling the financial virues of this state of life ("One Parent, Two Pay Days"!) one can't help but wonder whether Broon and his chums have got it in for the traditional family. The not-so-subtle-message is "COME AND GET IT!"

We will all get it, of course. But the 'it' may be something that we didn't really want and certainly won't be something the Government intended. But that's hardly the point is it? Have these people never heard of 'unintended consequences'?

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Blogger Mark said...

Completely off-topic, but I thought you might like to see this to pass on to interested parties! It is a small offering to try and showcase the work of the FSSP regarding the traditional form of the Mass, and to encourage the consideration of a Priestly Vocation. Wondered if you might fancy dropping a line to it on the blog?

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