Sunday, February 03, 2008

Right on, Vicar

An excellent piece by the Rev Dr Peter Mullen, Rector of St Michael Cornhill and Chaplain to the Stock Exchange (what a job!) in The Daily Telegraph. Dr Mullen writes occasional pieces for The Spectator and is involved with The Social Affairs Unit.

Here are some highlights:

Because it's the Church, when you go on these jamborees, you have to endure religion à la mode. Handshakes and hugs. A general infantilisation in which we are all ordered to place nightlights in the sanctuary, then trot gingerly around them, listening to "the music group" and the twang of the liturgical guitar as they blather their poor man's Joan Baez. Then there are the naff Yoohoo! (You who…) prayers and the jogging for Jesus choruses.

The language of the adman prevails here; there is always some "exciting challenge" - which means, "We want your money" - or "corporate vision", which means semi-psychotic fantasy.

There is of course a political agenda: "Pray that all people, whatever their race, creed, colour or gender may live in harmony with one another and be in the forefront of promoting social justice… consider world development issues… a fair distribution of wealth… Pray for those who work in race relations."

It's clear there are some there is a form of ecumenical activity that could quite happily be done in parallel between good Anglicans and Catholics: identifying this nonsense wherever it is found and chasing it into the sewers.

Read the rest here: Line-dancing for the Church of England

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Anonymous Oliver said...

One wonders with the growth of more and more esoteric investment instruments being hawked around the City whether modern clergymen calling themselves Christian are that capable of a higher level of understanding beyond the usual boring mundane things like hugs, guitars and social justice!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

I think the good rector is really just making a point about the imposition of political correctness. As for the City, its an institution like a hospital or a school. Bankers have souls too.

4:08 PM  

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