Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wilfully obtuse or deliberately mischievous? Fisking Bobby

Sometimes I want to scream. Damian Thompson points out that The Tablet's man in Rome, Bobby "Cry Me A River" Mickens has put a piece in The Telegraph (under the radar as 'Our Foreign Staff'. Coward)

Pope Benedict turns his back on new rituals

[How about Pope Benedict turns towards The Lord?]

Pope Benedict celebrated parts of Sunday's Mass with his back turned on the congregation [no he didn't he was facing God Almighty, in solidarity with, and leading his congregation], reintroducing an old ritual that was phased out decades ago.

The Pope used the Sistine Chapel's ancient altar, set right against the wall [No - facing east as Churches have done since the earliest times] under Michelangelo's dramatic depiction of the Last Judgment, instead of a mobile altar which allowed his predecessor, John Paul II, to face the congregation.[or as a barrier between himself and the people, depending on how you look at it]

A statement by the Vatican's office for liturgical celebrations said it had been decided to use the old altar, where ballots are placed during papal elections, to respect "the beauty and the harmony of this architectural jewel".

That meant that for the first time in this kind of celebration since the Second Vatican Council, between 1962 and 1965, the Pope occasionally turned his back on the faithful and faced the Cross. [He's NOT turning his back on the poeple, he's facing The Lord WITH the people. How many times, dumbkopf?]

The pontiff is slowly reintroducing some of the rituals phased out after Vatican II, which modernised the Church and ordered that local languages be used instead of Latin.[they weren't phased out, they were conveniently ditched by clergy and laity with an agenda and no appreciation of history or sacramental theology in order to make Lutherans feel comfy]

In another nod to traditionalists, he has said he would like the centuries-old Gregorian chant to be more widely used. [So has every pope. Ever. We're Catholics - it's the music we do.]

During the Mass, the Pope also baptised 13 babies, pouring water on their heads from a golden shell.[Bit snide, wasn't it? What do you want, a conch from a women's conch commune in Papua New Guinea? Being gold its probably lasted a few hundred years which is longer than most post-Conciliar tat will last. With any luck.]

There was a brief panic when the pontiff realised that he had lost his papal ring, which an aide found near the altar.[Lawks those liturgy queens! Getting all upset about a ring. Yes - The Fisherman's ring - a symbol of his office as Vicar of Christ. Good grief]

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