Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Letters To The Editor

From two clerics. First from His Lordship the Bishop of Motherwell the Rt Rev Joseph Devine in The Herald

The Catholic Faith is not an elite private club. Catholicism is not a small, privileged group. The Church exists for everyone. It is God's saving message for all mankind. It is a refuge for repentant sinners (that is an apt description for all of us, not just Mr Blair). It is a patient and forgiving teacher of Christ's profound truths. Mr Blair now, like the rest of us, has declared that he believes everything the Church teaches to be the revealed truth. He has thrown himself on God's mercy and has asked for forgiveness. It is regrettable that some would have Mr Blair walk barefoot in sackcloth and ashes and make a public recantation of his sins. That being the case, I would in similar fashion have to follow alongside him and so would everyone else I know. It would be quite a procession.

Rather less edifying, this from Canon David Partridge in The Telegraph - an Anglican minister looking forward to the cry "Allahu Akbar!" over Oxford:

With clear guidelines on noise pollution, such a move would be nothing less than an expression of mature, vibrant society.

The muezzin's call over the spires of Oxford would be 'noise pollution' at whatever volume it issued forth.

'Vibrant'. Hmmm.

Rather tellingly he signed himself
Canon David Partridge,
Central Mosque,

Looks like he's already gone over to The Dark Side.

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Blogger Agellius said...

That would be *very* disturbing.

11:26 PM  
OpenID berenike said...

Look, I don't give a damn about Tony Blair's private sins - not my business.

There are two things. One is the speaking against the Church's teaching, the other is failing to live up to it while not speaking against it. (of course, one might implicitly speak against it by one's actions, but that is a subordinate question).

The other is of private and public people. Now if I were to spend entire evenings in my local begining discussions to be able to diss the Pope on contraception, throwing around stats to prove JPII was personally responsible for the deaths of billions ekcetra, then if I continue to frequent my local after a change of heart I should begin a discussion in order to have an opportunity to undo what I had done.

If I set myself up as the Moral Leader of the nation (and let us be honest about Mr Blair's appropriation of language of High Ideals) and as such - for crying out loud, the guy has not a single, as I recall, pro-life vote on his record. Never mind the homosexual partnerships, the embryo experimentation ... He put these things through. This is not about whether he looked at a woman with lust in his eye, or betrayed a colleague for his own ends, or whatever.

You would not expect someone who had been passing apartheid legislation, as head of government, and dancing with joy at the news of the first person to be thrown out of a public toiled fo rbeing the wrong colour, to convert without a word or two of public retraction, would you?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Nick Jones said...

The bishop is being disengenuous, no one expects Blair to wear sackcloth but I expect some, any sign that he has converted.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Oliver said...

The Catholic church outside the confines of the Westminster set is certainly not an "elite private club" although in various corners of the land there may be unhealthy associations of laity, clerics, even prelates that scheme and plot in order to acquire much worldly advantage. The rest of us, dumb, unwashed, naive, sheep-like are required to behave and obey the rules and not to expect those perks and benefits belonging to the chosen few. Now, Blair, in his idleness, has sought the refined holy company of merchant bankers, churchmen and world statesmen as befitting the proud estimate of himself and will be taking part in various parties, gatherings and initiation ceremonies launching him into these elite private clubs. Would one expect anything less?

6:21 PM  

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