Thursday, January 10, 2008

In what sense "East London Man"?

I am perturbed (and I know I am not alone) by the BBC's reporting of terrorism. This unpleasant young man was off to join the bearded thugs who benighted Afghanistan and currently plan to kill members of our armed forces. We used to deal with that sort of behaviour quite rigorously. Alas, he'll only get 4 and half years in chokey.

Anyway, I digress. The BBC. Well they describe this miscreant who I assume would quite happily, given the evidence, self-combust on public transport with the aim of killing and maiming as many people as possible, as an "east London man"

Now lets look at the facts. According to The Telegraph Mr Qureshi was (1) Born in Pakistan; (2) grew up in Saudi Arabia; (3) lived in Russia for 7 years. He moved to Forest Gate (yes Forest Gate) in 2004 to work as dental assistant.

How does that make him an "east London man"?

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Blogger marcella said...

I'm so glad you said that! If he's an East London man then I'm an Islamic terrorist!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Philip said...

It's no wonder folks are scared to visit the dentist.

The BBC are quite unbelievable in the way they report Islamic matters.

Would I be a "Shanklin Man" or a "fundamentalist Catholic" if I said Catholic schools should teach the Catechism? Oh, I forgot Bishop P.O'D has beaten me to that title. God bless 'im guv'nor!

4:48 PM  

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