Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The BBC with an agenda? Surely not...

I rather like Dr Who, but it is easy to see the hand of an atheist like Russell T Davies (yes, that's right the writer of Queer As Folk) in episodes where the baddies are (from the top):cat-like Sisters of Charity who keep humans for spare parts; a sinister Latin-chanting group of monks who do the dirty work for a werewolf; a not-so angelic host of automatons who whip off their halos and use them to decapitate their victims, Oddjob-style.

You don't think Russell could have an agenda, do you?

Sadly, gone are the days when the Time Lords modelled themselves on the Catholic Church, elected a President who wore white and had their own college of cardinals.

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Blogger Mac McLernon said...

Heheheheh... you've been TAGGED

11:46 PM  
Blogger On the side of the angels said...

Well did you see russell Davies' "The Second Coming" ?
We only saw the first episode and for years tried to hunt down the second and final episode...
what did we find ?
The second christ being poisoned by the peter -copy because 'we can do without you thank you !!!'
Think RD tries to portray what Johan Hari rants about every week...

Have you noticed something about the doctor too ?
He's become nasty ! bullying , amoral , selfish - and his taste in women is atrocious !!!
could you ever imagine, any of the first four doctors doing anything remotely akin to what the last two have done - admittedly I cannot abide christopher Eccleston - the best thing he's been in has been heroes and even then he needs a slapping - he's just BAD !!!!

The best thing about Doctor Who ? martha Brown after they got rid of her dreadful mockney accent of the first episode - and what do they do ? dump her because she's not Billie Piper - who was deplorably bad !!!!

Come back tom baker - all is forgiven - even though I hated you for a year because you weren't Jon pertwee...

9:26 PM  

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