Monday, December 10, 2007

Folk frenzy

The ever-reliable BBC give us this amazing page - beyond any Rocky Horror parody (click on the page to see a larger view)

Many of the congregation participated. Brendan Kearney and Padraig Reilly collected the offertory while most of the congregation joined in and clapped to the hymns.

After the Concluding Right
[sic] the congregation gave a huge applause and had only words of praise for the folk Mass and effort that Fr Peter put in to it.

Even the sceptical Parish Priest had to agree that it was a success and has given his word that the folk Mass will continue in the future.

Who wrote this? Peter Stanford? Catherine Pepinster?

The truth is nearer what Alice Thomas Ellis had to say about the matter:

‘The sneer on the face of a teenager confronted by a “rave in the nave” is enough to freeze the blood.’

Ballykissangel ticked all the right boxes for the BBC (and the BCE+W, probably) A young priest with trendy ideas comes along and shakes up those (as the BBC would have us believe) priest-ridden, thick, superstitious Paddies in their godawful rural backwater. Then has doubts about his vocation and makes plans to run off with a hot chick from the village.


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