Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bad catechetical materials

The eldest boy, Paulinus Minor Major, was confirmed last month. He is to receive his First Holy Communion next May. As you will know if you were reading this blog last year the plan was for him to receive his First holy Communion in May 2007, but the "liturgists" (the curate's phrase, with a roll of the eyes heavenwards. I presume they are trained liturgists) changed all that and the sacraments of initiation are to be taken first. Whatever. Sounds a bit rum to me, but I'm just a punter in the pews and me and The Boy do as we're told. Anyway, the Archdiocese issues materials to be gone through. I took a stand and wouldn't use them. You'll see why below

Catechetical materials should convey the Truth of Faith in a way that is easy to understand, but also in a way that conveys all beauty and grace that one associates with spiritual life in a tradition as rich as ours, without dodging the difficult details. They were not heretical but didn't convey the substance of the Sacrament The Boy was receiving -little to say, for instance on the Gifts of The Holy Spirit beyond some warm fuzzy feelings and being nice to people. To say they were uninspiring is to understate matters. I had to change tack rapidly and did plenty of research. I used a combination of the Catechism and its summaries and for simple reading and illustration for The Boy to peruse himself, I chose some books by the prolific Fr Lovasik. They are to recommended for their clarity, orthodoxy and sumptuous illustrations (though I accept the pictues can be viewed as a little kitsch and not to everyone's taste.)

Take, for instance, the matter of prayer. Given the choice between sitting round a coffee table in what looks like a lesbian commune, staring at an Ikea candle (see above) and getting on your knees and comtemplating the Trinity, which do you think the lad preferred?

Likewise, given the choice between Confirmation administered by a serious-looking but kindly bishop in full fig and a geezer in a poncho having a bad hair day, which do you think he chose? Fr Finigan's materials on his parish's website were good introductions to the sacraments, too. I'll return to the content of the materials another time.

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Blogger Ottaviani said...

Give me old time religion over this conciliar nonsense any day!

My confirmation in 2001 was ruined by liturgical dance =( Plus we had bad catechises.

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