Friday, December 01, 2006

A Sociologist Writes....

Kieran Flanagan was a regular at the Chaplaincy bar on Sunday nights when I was an undergraduate in Bristol and has been faithful in serving the liturgy at Clifton Cathedral for years. He took a lot of stick from the young 'uns at the Chaplaincy but how right he has been all these years. Fr Nichols quotes him approvingly:

Flanagan echoes Martin in deploring

The rise of the consumer-friendly rites and a demand for loose and lax “happy-clappy” events full of meet and greet transactions. These trivialise the social, preclude deeper meanings being read into the action, and skate along th surface of some very thin ice where all attention to danger, awe and reverence is bracketed. These are rites of the immediate that demand instantaneous theological results..

Aidan Nichols OP
Looking at the Liturgy.


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