Tuesday, November 28, 2006


In Two Critiques of Spontaneity, Professor David Martin of the London School of Economics attacked what he called the “popular local heresy” of that “cult of choice” That whatever possible opts against an order of rules and roles in the name of “spontaneity”. Though this cult has some respectable origins- he mentions religious notions of conscience and personal decision, and moral ideas of political liberty and existential authenticity, as well as the Romantic concept of genius and the psychoanalytical ideal of autonomy – the tree that grows from these roots has become stunted and deformed.

Aidan Nichols OP
Looking at the Liturgy.

Tip of the biretta for the picture to Catholic Church Conservation


Anonymous Fr. said...

Where do you get them from???!!!

4:09 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Gosh! That's worse than the masses me and Joee Bloggs orchestrate!!!

No hope for the Novus Disordo...

10:07 PM  

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