Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dead Commies

Fr Richtsteig (scroll down to August 10th) hits the nail on the head when he sees middle class halfwits running around with images of a mass killer on their cars. I have a similar reaction when I see grinning buffoons sporting Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara on their t-shirts. What next? T shirts with Harold Shipman, Fred West or Jeffrey Dahmer?

This would make a good t shirt to wear on campus:

As Roger Scruton says on the bibliography of another dead Commie:

Gramsci, Antonio, Selections from the Prison Notebooks ed. Hoare and Smith, New York 1971, sacred text of 1968, written by one of the few Communist Party leaders who never had a chance to kill anyone…..



Blogger Brendan Allen said...

Ironically, I wonder what would Che himself think of his image being used for "capitalistic" purposes; i.e. as a marketing tool used by some people to make them rich.

I think he wouldn't like it at all.

So let's keep doing it!!

7:48 PM  

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