Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Cappuccino for Christendom

Every wondered why Islamists chose 11th September to attack the WTC and today to attack the American Embassy in Damascus?

Might have something to do with the Battle of Vienna after which took place over these days. The honour obsessed Islamists clearly are still irked that Europe saved itself from Turkish and Muslim rule and decisively defeated the forces of Islam. Alas, this is a long battle, the latest phase of which we are in at the moment. A fuller treatment of the battle can be found HERE

Two figures stand out in this battle: Jan Sobieski III, the last great King of Poland who commanded the Christain forces and threw back the Ottomans from what was to be the furthest extent of their aggressive campaign to overrun Europe and extend the caliphate (a recurring theme in Islamist expansion) . Pope Innocent XI described him as the "Saviour of Vienna and Western European civilization."

A chaplain at Vienna was the Capuchin friar, Blessed Marco D'Aviano, whose exortation to prayer (especially the Rosary) and fasting was credited as the spiritual strength that gave the Christian forces victory. Blessed Marco was beatified in 2003. Legend has it that the cappuccino gets its name from the friar who mixed the bitter coffee left behind by the fleeing Turks with honey and hot milk. The Holy See has a good summary of his life HERE.

So if you want to do anything to uphold Christendom and defend the West against Islamism, pray the Rosary and drink a cappuccino (though not necessarily at the same time) . Abd remember Blessed Marco.


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