Friday, August 18, 2006

Spain: Between a rock and a hard place

I had meant to post on this during the Holy Father's recent visit to Spain. I despise fascism - principally for the fact of its attack on human dignity and the fact that it degrades human relationships solely to those of power and fear. I vicariously resent the fact that it stole 6 and a half years of youth from my father and his experiences gave him nightmares for 10 years afterwards. I am reading Antony Beevor's excellent "The Battle for Spain - The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939". The focus is the military campaign fought between the Nationalists and Republicans. The English perspective is usually dominated by Orwell's fairly unique perspective (from the anti-Stalinist POUM) and the general tenor of English commentary is pro-Republican. I can't share Andrew Cusack's enthusiasm for El Caudillo, but considering the death of 6,382 priests and religious including 13 bishops and the general sacrilege and desecration (see below), it wasn't hard to see how the Church identified the bad guys:

Anarchists pillage, plunder and desecrate

Even the dead were not spared indignity - nuns taken from their tombs and exposed to ridicule in Barcelona

There's a reasonable summary here.


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