Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In spite of dungeon, fire and sword

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I was moved by Fr Tim’s photos of the depictions of the Carthusian Martyrs from Parkminster. We are lucky that we do not (yet) face such a physical threat to the Faith. Others who follow Christ throughout the world pay a real price for their witness. Pray for them.

Faith of our fathers, living still,
In spite of dungeon, fire and sword;
O how our hearts beat high with joy
Whenever we hear that glorious Word!

Faith of our fathers, holy faith!
We will be true to thee till death.


Blogger Brendan Allen said...

This picture by Holbein is so well known, yet it still struck me when I got to see the original in the Frick Collection in New York in May this year.

It still made me say "Wow".

St Thomas is on one side of a fireplace; on the other side is Holbein's picture of Thomas Cromwell.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

You're right - especially as Catholics - we see it often, reproduced on prayer cards and the like. I just picked out Peter Ackroyd's biography of St Thomas from the shelf and it has the painting of Cromwell in it.

He looks a gimlet-eyed, hard-nosed so-and-so.

8:40 PM  

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