Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Most Holy Name of Jesus

The Holy Name of Jesus has long enjoyed devotion in the Catholic Church and is an expression of the Second Commandment. Christopher Howse wrote well, as usual, on its expression in the medieval Charterhouse in London that gave so many Holy Martyrs to the Faith. How strange then that when I bought my eldest a t-shirt in Tesco (£2 each, four in total for the boys costing less than a tenner!) it should have on the front, the sacred monogram representing the Holy Name of Jesus. I guess we are easier at such accidental placing of sacred symbols in a secular context, than other faiths I could mention. We have at the core of our faith the belief in the God who pitches His tent among us.

I suspect the design is there because a lazy designer liked the look of it without knowing its significance. My hope is that the designer is a Catholic who knew just what he was doing and secretly wanted to give believers the chance to praise the Holy Name of Jesus whenever they see it.

May the Holy Name of Jesus be praised, blessed and glorified throughout creation, now and for ever more.


Blogger ukok said...

That's pretty interesting. I haven't looked around the kids clothing section for a while, might check it out tomorrow when I'm in Tesco's if they're still available.

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