Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get to confession, Tartan Army!

As an Englishman in Scotland I walk the line, as Johnny Cash would say. I always support the country of my adoption, my wife and my children, unless they play the land of my birth. Thankfully, help is at hand for us exiles (in this vale of tears) from the Rector, no less, of the Scottish National Seminary, Scotus College.

"Scotland's national team did not qualify for the World Cup, and Father William McFadden told soccer fans north of the English border that they need to examine their consciences before deciding where their allegiance lies for the June 9-July 9 games in Germany."

That would be "Anyone but England". Right?

Fr McFadden has strong words: "If a Scot has an automatic negative reaction to supporting England, then they would have to question where that feeling is coming from." So you'll all be off to confession to tell the priest of your uncharitable thoughts towards Jimmy Hill.

Still we're a forgiving lot. Says Beckham of Jack McConnell's support for Trinidad and Tobago: "In a way I understand. He's very patriotic. I'm also very patriotic."

So am I, so as in the rugby World Cup, it'll be a novena to Our Lady of Walsingham.

Come on Mary's Dowry!!!!!


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