Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pax Tibi Marce, Evangelista Meus

Light blogging this week because of a work-related trip to Venice. What a fantastic place - I had not been there for 30 years, when as a boy I visited for the day with my parents. My recollection of the day is of lots of tourists and the Basilica di San Marco being more a museum than a house of God. Truly, it is best seen as I saw it at 7am or 8am Mass. One enters via a side entrance and you have time to pray in either the Blessed Sacrament Chapel or at the High Altar itself. You are then ushered through to the choir where the early morning Masses are celebrated. Three priests said Mass and it was a dignified, quiet, simple affair as Low Mass should be.But the joy of hearing Mass at the tomb of the Apostle, in quiet dignity, surrounded by the treasures of Catholic Christendom was awesome (and in the true meaning of that word). You feel close to the past, to the Church Suffering and Triumphant and in hearing Mass with others of all languages, close to the whole of the Church Militant.

Peace, indeed, be with you St Mark and all your Venetian children.